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The garage door is an essential feature of a home. It has two main parts: the garage door and its mechanical components that allow it to close and open. Homeowners need to inspect the garage doors regularly to check for issues that could worsen. Call our professionals at Garage Door The Bronx, NY to examine and fix your garage door issues.

A garage door relies on its other mechanical parts to work correctly. Each component has its function, hence the need to ensure they are not damaged and worn out. If you encounter any garage doors, call Garage Door The Bronx, NY today. Learn more about our services by scheduling a consultation with our experts.

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A broken garage door spring may stop the door from opening completely. Sometimes, it means that the door came suddenly crashing down to the floor. It is an inconvenient and hazardous instance, but it could mean that one or both springs have already reached its lifespan. The spring wears out after a certain period, which means it needs maintenance and replacement.

Garage doors are heavy, which is why they need these components to work together for the panels to lift. The spring aids in this process, which means it would be unlikely for the door to move using any other method. We do not recommend trying any DIY solution to this issue because, aside from the possibility of causing further damage, it is a safety hazard. Seek assistance from certified technicians who have the skills and knowledge to install the new springs for your garage door.

The life expectancy of a spring is determined by how many times the door opens and closes. This mechanism is called a cycle. Since there are different springs, they might have different specific life spans, but it is approximately 10,000 cycles. To translate that into measurable time, it means that the spring can last up to 14 years when you use it twice daily. In case you have several cars, and your garage doors run up to 6 cycles per day, the spring can last five years.

Garage Door Spring Bronx NY

How much does a spring replacement cost?

If you need garage door spring repair for multi-door garages, you can spend up to $500 including replacing other hardware. The costs are lower for garages with fewer doors. On average, a garage door spring replacement cost $250. Labor fees can range from $150 to $350 for two springs. Sometimes, you will not need a replacement for issues with the balance. Repairing and lubricating only costs as low as $50.

Replacing both springs is ideal even when only the other one malfunctions. Aside from the possibility that the other will also need replacement soon, it is typically more affordable to replace them simultaneously. You will get to save time, labor fees, and garage door spring replacement cost.

Expert Garage Spring Replacement

When the spring breaks after going over its lifespan, it can fail while the door is open. Make sure never to stay under a moving garage door at any time but especially when it has been in use for quite some time. One bad scenario would be that someone sustained injuries. As mentioned, the garage door consists of steel panels and other heavy components, which is why you should call experts for help with the garage door spring repair.

Issues with springs are standard. It is crucial to replace the specific component in the spring setup. A skilled technician will help ensure the doors are balanced correctly before manually closing the door or using the electric opener. Besides repair, we also offer various garage door services on your preferred schedule, including weekends. We have emergency 24/7 services, as well. We train and hire qualified people who can provide professional services to all our clients for our repairman and technicians.

Garage Door Spring Bronx NY

Professional Garage Door Services 

We have high-quality and long-lasting garage door spring components of all sizes—no need to wait for the delivery of specific parts. We want to finish the repair as quickly as possible so that you can go back to normal as soon as possible without the security risk. A warranty guarantees all repairs.

For cost estimates and further inquiries, sign up on our short form. In case of emergency services, our lines are open 24/7. Get in touch with us today.

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